KitchenAid 7-qt. Slow Cooker Review


KitchenAid 7-qt. Slow Cooker Review

KitchenAid 7-qt. Slow Cooker Review"The KitchenAid® 7-qt. Slow Cooker is the premiere slow cooker for anyone who takes slow cooking seriously. It's an extremely powerful 400-watt device, with enough heat settings for any cooking needs. The 7-qt. ceramic pot has a unque rounded rectangular shape, which makes it easy to use the slow cooker for making poultry roasts, casseroles, lasagnas, "baked" desserts and more. The inside of the ceramic pot offers various quart measurements, so you can easily figure out how to use the large slow cooker for recipes that call for smaller devices. I used the slow cooker to make homemade macaroni and cheese and it cooked the macaroni perfectly, gived it browned edges, just as a casserole dish would. I was so impressed with how evenly the slow cooker cooked the pasta. And, it was so easy to clean. I would recommend this beautiful device to anyone who wants a premiere slow cooker in their kitchen. It certainly lives up to KitchenAid's promise of amazing quality and design."


"The KitchenAid® 7-qt. Slow Cooker is a magical machine. First of all, it looks like something NASA would design, all gleaming silver and black. I imagine that after a few uses, the smooth dark surface would hardly show as much damage and staining as my ancient one that used to be white, but wavers between its commitment to gray and beige depending on what I cook in it. The new slow cooker is large enough to accommodate a large amount of food, but not do bulky as to be difficult to clean. In fact, the surface is non-stick and so effective that simply wiping it out does the trick. The fast-heating element heats your meal to a safe temperature quickly, so the dish won’t have time to accumulate bacteria when left out for long periods of time; this is particularly helpful when cooking meat. Clearly and concisely labeled with a digital thermometer, the slow cooker is practically foolproof, and convenient handles on the side allow for easy transport. When cooking a macaroni dish, it produced the
perfect al-dente noodles and creamy melted cheese with a pleasantly chewy layer on top. It was thoroughly, but not overly done in just two hours, it wasn’t soggy like casseroles from other slow cookers often are. I can’t
wait to try it out again!"


"Every person in the world should own a slow cooker, I mean it's got to be one of the most important kitchen appliances you'll ever use, in my opinion. That's why I'm super excited to use this 7 quart slow cooker from KitchenAid. The large capacity and sleek design make it both extremely useful and attractive in any kitchen. The slow cooker is equipped with a powerful 400-watt heating element, which means it can preheat quickly. It's extremely user friendly and has adjustable cooking time up to 10 hours - which is ideal for those of us that like to toss and go for the day. The cook temps vary from simmer, to low, high, buffet and auto. Other cool features I enjoyed about this slow cooker, it has a large, easy to grip handle on the lid, the ceramic pot is dishwasher friendly and the digital cook-time screen is a decent size and easy to view. Also this slow cooker has an amazing non-stick quality, I had some macaroni and cheese from this pot that easily scooped right out, not a bit stuck to it! All you need is a little cooking spray. I found this aspect pretty remarkable considering I've seen many a slow cooker claim to be non-stick but things still stick quite badly. All of these reasons and more leave me safely saying I'd recommend this KitchenAid slow cooker to anyone."


"The new KitchenAid® 7-quart slow cooker is a really nice model!  I love the fact that the pot itself is labeled with the quart measurements – you can tell exactly how much food is in there, like how much water depth is in a pool.  This is genius!  I also love that the cord storage is integrated right in the machine – no dragging, dangling cords to worry about when it’s time to store.

'How does it cook?' – you may wonder.  Well, with its 5-setting cook and serve control, it cooks just great!  I can program the thing to cook for as little or as much time as I want, and it simply switches to its 'keep warm' setting when it’s done.  If I’m getting home late from work, no worries.  Perfectly cooked food is there waiting for me!"


"Sure, the KitchenAid® 7-Quart Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is sleek and stylish, but there’s so much more to this programmable slow cooker than just looks. One of the best features is the measuring index inside the crock – depending on the size of your recipe, you have an easy gauge of how much liquid to pour in this large slow cooker. It’s pretty fool-proof, not to mention handy, given the variety of slow recipes out there. The other great thing this KitchenAid Slow Cooker has going for it is the size. Much bigger than a standard 5.5-quart size, this slow cooker is perfect for big meals (or big families). Its design is slightly squared off, which makes it easier to pour and also great for casserole dishes. The programmable temperature control gives you a lot of freedom to tweak cooking speeds and times; for example, the automatic setting allows you to start cooking on high then switch to a lower temperature. I also like the rubber-capped bottom and rubber-rimmed lid – it really seals in the flavor because it fits perfectly onto the crock. The KitchenAid Slow Cooker is the best combination of form and function: it will look great in your kitchen but even more importantly, it will deliver meals cooked to perfection!"


"This is definitely the Cadillac of slow cookers! Its sleek, modern design means it looks at home in any kitchen. The 7-quart oval basin is perfect for anything from soups to casseroles. Plus, I love how it delineates for smaller quart measurements, meaning you can cook just about any slow cooker recipe in this machine. if I had this device in my kitchen, I know that I would be excited to slow cook every day of the year."


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I have this slow cooker. It cooks well. I did have to replace the liner of it within a few weeks of getting it as it cracked during use, but the replacement has done well for a couple of year now. Personally I find it hard to clean. It doesn't wipe clean but often takes quite a bit of scrubbing and it is hard to soak as it doesn't fit flat in my double sink. It does cook well though.

nothing! As there's picture how can we comment?? It SOUNDS good though! And how much does this cost? By the sounds of it I'd LOVE to have this slowcooker!!!


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