Slow Cooker Soups are the Winners: Top Six Seasonings


Slow Cooker Soups are the Winners: Top Six Seasonings


Slow Cooker Soups are the Winners Top Six Seasonings

People who like to make their soup from scratch are constantly searching for the perfect seasoning to bring out the desired flavor in their creation. Seasonings can have a huge impact on the outcome of any soup recipe. Too little or too much of any particular seasoning could overwhelm the taste of the soup. Cooks need to be careful to put just the right balance of a particular seasoning in their starter dish. There are several types of seasonings to consider, which will put the finishing touches on your recipe.

Two major seasonings that are in most soups are salt and pepper. Kosher salt can be particularly potent and flavorful. Freshly ground black pepper is the preferred pepper for seasoning soups. Use your judgement as to how much seasoning to use. Herbs is another type of seasoning to add to your creative dish. Herbs can tend to add a distinct taste and aroma to the soup. They also have the power to make the soup a stand-out for all to enjoy. Herbs can be added in either fresh form or dried form to spice up your recipe. Some popular herbs include cilantro, parsley, tarragon and basil. There are several types of sauces that also work well when trying to season your soup in a certain fashion. For instance, if you want to put an Italian bent on your soup, tomato sauce can work well with certain recipes. Adding certain spices is another way to change out the flavor.

Seasonings give your soup its personality. Depending on which ones you use, you can make your soup somewhat bland, incredibly spicy, or sweet and sour. Seasonings are very important to the overall picture of your recipe. In the end, you are making very powerful choices with your seasonings. We are sharing with you some seasoning ideas for your future recipes. 

How do I season a dish?

There are so many ways to think about seasoning your dish. You need to think about certain types of things when trying to get the best flavor you can for your dish. Here are some tips on what areas to focus on. 

  1. The best times to think about seasoning your soup is at the beginning and at the end. It is best to put some salt in early to give it time to spread throughout the dish during the many hours of simmering in your slow cooker. Besides the salt, adding other seasonings at the end can be the best way to go. 

  2. Tasting the soup before serving it is a great way to make sure you have seasoned it properly. If you are unhappy with the taste, take a small amount out and put into a different bowl. Start adding some sea salt or other type of salt and pepper and keep doing it until you reach a desired flavor. 

  3. Think about the ingredients you have in your recipe. How much salt do they contain? How salty is the dish before even adding any seasoning? With ingredients such as bacon, olives or capers, there may be sufficient salt. You may not need to add anything to increase the flavor. 

  4. When tasting a dish several times you need to be aware that your taste buds could become desensitized to the flavors if you taste it too many times in a row. Sometimes it is prudent to take a 5-minute break from tasting and drink some water. Then when you return to your dish, you can come back at it with some fresh taste buds and be able to tell if the flavor is correct or needs something more.

  5. Think about the temperature you are serving a dish at. Always taste at the same temperature you will serve your dish. Remember that when serving at a colder temperature the flavors in a dish become more dull. So in that case more seasoning is critical to bring out the flavor. At a warmer temperature the flavor is more apparent. 

  6. Keep in mind that famous cliche, which also happens to apply in cooking: Less is more. When thinking about seasoning, once you have put in too much seasoning it is very tough to fix your dish to have a lesser flavor. Better to slowly add in your seasonings and work your way up to a desirable flavor.

Top 6 Slow Cooker Seasonings

There are many types of seasonings to put in your soup. They each add flavor in their own unique ways. It is learning how to choose the proper seasoning to achieve the desired taste you are looking for. Here are some ideas for your soups. 

  1. Lemon juice is a great seasoning to add into a variety of soups just before serving. You need less salt when adding lemon juice.  

  2. Mrs. Dash is a great salt substitute to consider. It is a great salt-free way to add flavor. 

  3. Copycat Chipotle Powder is great to add if you are trying to add a bite to your soup dish. It does so without making the soup too spicy. 

  4. Pepitas, or toasted pumpkin seeds, are a great way to add some flavor just before you serve your soup. It adds a roasted flavor to the dish. But you cannot put pepitas in too early or they become soggy. 

  5. Adding a clove of garlic into your soup for the duration of the cooking process, maybe 8 hours, can add some nice flavor to your dish. You remove the clove when the soup is done. You will be amazed at the flavor it has left behind.

  6. A half teaspoon of paprika can really spice up your dish. This spice is good at giving your dish the desired kick you are looking for. 

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I think adding spices and herbs to soups is the perfect way to experiment with different flavors. Growing up, only the very basic was used in as an adult I'm learning there are so many options out there. I really love how you can take a recipe and make it completely different just by changing the herb and spice combinations.

Fantastic tips! I had never thought of adding pepitas to soup. I bet they would be absolutely delicious! I can attest that garlic and lemon are definite winners in the flavour department when you are spicing your soup. They add a real zing and depth of flavour. If you make sure to add your garlic at the very start it will mellow out and not me super strong by the time you eat. I also really love adding fresh ginger to my asian inspired soups! You should always try to get creative in the kitchen!


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